My Life in Arizona
I spent my first years at the Rockin' "D" Ranch near Gilbert, Arizona. I enjoyed some quiet trail riding and had a foal - a filly named Kandi.

In October of 1996, Virginia came into my life and we began to ride regularly, then we started some serious school work. This led to some local club shows, dressage schooling shows and even a Class A Show where we competed in the Arabian Sport Horse Division and in Dressage. I have to admit that during that particular dressage test I did not behave very well. I didn't realize until it was over that it was the "real thing" - well, there were no arena decorations to make it look pretty like some of the schooling shows we had participated in! I promised to behave better at the next shows we went to.

After awhile we decided to do something different and started driving lessons. I really like driving. We moved to Pennsylvania (don't forget to see my Pennsylvania page, too) in November, 2000, but didn't have the opportunity to do any driving there.

June 2001...
Just below are pictures of the four of us in the Salt River on the swimming outing I mentioned on the first page.
Virginia is riding Kaladdinn (on the right), with Jed on Biff (a Morgan, on the left) and Bruce on a Quarter Horse mare (in the middle). Kaladdinn's owner, Mary, took the picture and she was riding me which is why I am not in the picture. Those are my ears in the bottom right corner and I was in the water, too!

Here is another picture of Kaladdinn with Virginia riding, and Bruce on the young quarter horse mare...
One day late in June, Virginia was very excited because an email loop friend came to visit with her husband and son. They group has been corresponding for about 5 years and most of the ladies had never met in person! I was saddled up to give young Jeff a ride and I walked very carefully and gently so as not to frighten him. Here are a couple of pictures of Jeff and me that his Mom sent to the loop after they arrived home...
This was at the beginning, (he wasn't too sure)...

and this picture was afterwards...  

Just look at that smile!
Thank you for a lovely visit, folks!

August 2001...
I have just found out that I am returning to Pennsylvania in about a month. Well, it was a nice visit, although I will have to speak to Virginia about doing this in the heat of the summer!
January 2002...
Well, it looks like my little "talk" worked! It is January, 2002, and here I am back at my old home. We had a safe and somewhat quicker trip this time because there were not so many horses to drop off or pick up on the way to Arizona. This time the trip took only four and one-half days!
"Hi, Guys! I'm back - it's great to see you!"
"Hey, Barb and Mary! I brought peppermints with me! I love peppermints; may I have some now? Puh-le-e-e-ese? I will share them with you and the others - please, may I have some?"
(By the way, Mary gave Taffy a couple of her peppermints when she arrived!)
Here, I am with a new friend, 3 yr. old Allyson, daughter of one of Mary's boarders.
February, 2002...
Virginia came to visit us for two weeks in February. Was I ever surprised to see her! We enjoyed some rides, and we taught Kaladdinn that crossing the bridges over the canal is nothing to sweat about, and of course, being the level-headed guy that he is, he took the bridges in stride. We are so proud of him!

Here are some pictures of me that Virginia took when she was visiting in February.

I am 14 years old, now, but I don't think I look a day older than 3, do you?

Well, it is August and guess what?
Virginia and her family have arrived back in Arizona! I was so happy to see her, I could hardly believe my eyes when they arrived, even though Mary and Barb both told me she was coming!

We've done a bit of riding since their arrival, but Virginia and Don have been busy unpacking after the moving van brought all their stuff! They have returned to the home they built and had rented out for a year or so, and they are glad to be back.

I am so pleased to be partnered with her again, every time we ride I try to show her that I haven't forgotten what we learned during our lessons with Kristin at Coventry Equestrian Center.  By the way, Kristin has a website now:, so go and check it out. Virginia says there are some links to interesting dressage sites on Coventry's site.

December 2002 - Update!!
Virginia and Don have sold their house! They knew they would be selling by the end of next year, so they decided to list it now and it sold in just two weeks!! They were amazed,  but the really amazing thing is that as we were riding by the house across the street from where I live, they were offered it as a rental! Right across the street - I can watch her come out her door, and I can tell when she is coming over to see me (well, maybe she is coming to visit Mary, but she always stops to see me first.) Then we might go for a ride, too.

March 2003
It was a sad day for Mary and me when we saw the moving van pull up outside the house Virginia and Don were renting. Apparently it sold much sooner than they expected, so they have returned to Canada. Barb has told Virginia that she can send for me when they get settled.

Mary and I miss her a lot, that's for sure, and Mary and her friends take me out for rides, but it's not the same.

So that's it for now - nothing much else new to report.

June 2003
I have some very sad best buddy, Kalamity (who's real name is Hy Komotion) passed away on June 14. No one expected it and her death was very sudden. Virginia has posted a memorial to her on our "Photo Album" page. It seems very strange not to have her around, and everyone who knew her well misses her.

On a happier note, Mary's daughter Michelle has been taking me for rides, and I have been teaching her all I can. I have given her daughter some rides, too, so I am training  three generations!