Photo Album

This is rather blurry. It was taken at my second driving lesson in 1999. The person in the buggy is my farrier and our trainer, Bruce Novak. We have learned a lot in our lessons with him.
Here, we are in a hunter class in April, 1999, at one of the series of shows held by our club, the East Valley Arabian Horse Association. There really were some other horses in the class! We also showed in the Arabian Sport Horse Division at the Saguaro Classic '99 in Scottsdale, AZ that December, and we rode a dressage test there, too. I have to admit I was rather naughty and didn't do as well in the test as I might have done. I've promised to behave myself at the next dressage show we go to.

Ta-da!! Introducing my best buddy, Hy Komotion, better known as Kalamity. She is always getting into trouble, as you can guess by her nickname. Her person is Mary, of Rockin' "D" Ranch, who bred her and who looks after us all.
The grey is King Kaladdinn, Kalamity's youngest; this was taken when he was about 9 months old. He was rather a brat, but then most little boys are, but he is improving as he matures. His tubby friend is a "mini", named Rowdy. They played together until they played too roughly and Mary thought they would hurt each other. Now Rowdy has moved and is living with his family. Kaladdinn is for sale; Virginia and Mary think he would do well as an "Arabian Sport Horse".

Here is Precious, an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross, but mostly Arabian. She is very smooth to ride and very smart. She now has a new owner and is living at a different stable.

This is Kadi, Precious' dam. Kadi is the one chosen for visitors when they want to go for a ride, and she gives "pony rides" to children, although she grumbles about doing that. She is 24 years old and was Mary's first horse.
In Memory
Hy Komotion
3/29/88 - 6/14/03
It was with great shock and sadness to hear of Kalamity's unexpected and sudden death on Saturday, June 14, 2003. She was my "best buddy" ever since I arrived at the Rockin' "D" at the ripe old age of 2 years. We covered a lot of miles together taking Mary and Virginia on quiet trail rides along the canal system in Gilbert.
I will miss her, as will Mary and everyone who knew her. I know she will be waiting by the "Rainbow Bridge" for the rest of us, in more grass and clover than she ever imagined!
"Til we meet again, Kalamity..."
In Memory
Bint Kisha
4/23/78 - 9/10/01
Kisha belonged to Barb, a friend of Mary and Virginia, and lived at the Rockin' "D" as long as Kadi has. She was euthanized at the great age of 23, after developing founder suddenly, and will be sadly missed.  We believe that she is in Heaven, knee-deep in grass, waiting for us and our 'people', so we can reunite and ride Heaven's bridle paths together, for surely they are beautiful ones.
"Till we meet again, Kisha."

My Pennsylvania friends... well, only one right now!
  During the winter of 2000, living at Greenmoor Commons, I made some new friends. This is M.C. Debonaire, known as 'Ari'. Just look at that mane - doesn't it make you envious? He was a trail riding buddy. We would go out on trail rides together during the week, and sometimes on the weekend, and he showed me many things, such as how to cross streams, although I do it my own way now.
Update! -New pictures -

This picture was taken the afternoon I arrived at Coventry in September... it felt so good to be able to stretch my legs and run in this huge pasture! It seemed like there was no end to it!

The little silver barn is where I live.

October, 2001

This is the same picture as you have seen, but I will introduce "Babe" to you. She is the horse in the foreground, and is my "best buddy" at Coventry.
This picture also shows the main barn with the arena and lounge behind it.
Virginia told me that after I left in January, 2002 to return to Arizona, she was invited to come back out to Coventry to ride, and since Babe's owner didn't have much time, she rode her a couple of times a week, and once a week they had a lesson. Now Babe's owner has found the time to come out once a week to ride, so Babe is happy about that.