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November 2000
I first arrived in Pennsylvania in November, 2000, after a very long ride in a large trailer and a 3 day stop along the way near Nashville, where I had a chance to rest. The company I travelled with is called Horsein' Around, Inc. Horse Transport. and I would recommend them highly. My home here was Greenmoor Commons, near Canonsburg, at the time leased by Kristin Hermann who also owns Coventry Equestrian Center near Washington, PA. I was glad to see Virginia when I arrived, because I sure was wondering how long I was going to be travelling. Mary told me it would be a long way, and she was right!

Where's the GRASS?

Hey, where's the grass? I spent 6 months here and encountered snow for the first time. I found that out the hard way that snow is very cold and slippery!
During some our rides through the woods we saw deer - there are a lot of them around our barn and in the surrounding woods. Riding in this area is very challenging - all those hills! There is a bluebird house on our paddock fence and Virginia was thrilled to finally see a bluebird. She told me she has loved bluebirds all her life but never saw one until this spring!. Such pretty little fellows!

May 2001
In May I said good-bye to Pennsylvania and we returned to Arizona. Virginia laughed about this, saying we are doing it backwards -we should be going there in the fall!


October 2001
Well, now it's October and I have been back in Pennsylvania for about a month. I'm getting to be an old hand at travelling across the country! This time I am living at Coventry Equestrian Center. Since I know Kristin from Greenmoor, settling into Coventry was much easier and much to my surprise, I discovered some of my Greenmoor friends are here, too.

Some of my friends from Greenmoor, Tracey and her horse, Flash, are here. They were the first ones to show us the trails there, and it was good to see Flash when I arrived. Virginia led me into the stable, and I was surprised to see Pacino, Flash, Arch Angel, Somerset - all who I knew last winter! I was stabled next to Arch at Greenmoor, and when I walked into the barn, he was surprised to see me and gave me a hearty greeting! What a wonderful welcome!

Kristin has given Virginia permission to post a couple of pictures of the Coventry Equestrian Centre on our webpage.

Just look at those hills! Oh, my goodness!

First day back ... it felt so good to run!

Me (Taffy), and my friend, Babe, a Quarter Horse

                                                                                    I am the smaller horse ...Virginia says she learned something this day - stand downhill from your horse to take a picture if you don't want it to look like a mini!

There are are 8 pastures for turn-out, many trails to ride on, and an outdoor arena as well as the indoor arena where we can work on our dressage skills or ride in inclement weather. Kristin is planning a number of outings for her boarders and their horses to enjoy, one being a "Ride for Rescue" which is a fund-raising ride to aid a no-kill animal shelter, and she hopes to arrange monthly dressage clinics.

At least once during the weekend we go out on a trail ride. Not too long ago some more trails were cleared so we have even more trails to ride along!


In this composite picture, we are participating in the Ride for Rescue which raised $3,000 for the animal shelter. One of the riders made the comment that God obviously loves his animals because he gave us a beautiful day for the ride! Virginia took the first picture by turning around and snapping this shot. The other picture was taken of us, with our camera, by one of the walkers.

We spent the summer and early fall working on our basic dressage skills, so that in the spring we can come out riding Level One. Then, we had a little accident and Virginia broke a couple of bones in her foot, so we have both had about six weeks off. She is riding again now, and we have started to work on getting our condtioning back. We have also been on a trail ride and it was so good to get out on the trails again!

January 2002
Well, it looks like my little "talk" worked. Virginia tells me I am returning to Arizona! Wow! - no more white slippery stuff, no more cold blustery winds, no more slick, slippery slopes when the snow has melted... Oh, no! That means another long trailer ride!

(Virginia's note: Taffy is going back to her former owner and I will miss her very much, but I know she is valued and loved by them as much as I value and love her. She is a wonderful little horse and has given me countless hours of enjoyment and companionship.)

Virginia told me that after I left in January, 2002 to return to Arizona, she was invited to come back out to Coventry to ride, and since Babe's owner didn't have much time, she rode her a couple of times a week, and once a week they had a lesson. Now Babe's owner has found the time to come out once a week to ride, so Babe is happy about that.

August 2002
(Another note from Virginia: My husband and I have returned to Arizona and Taffy's owner has asked that I keep riding her to keep her exercised and happy. Obviously that is a request which I accepted with great enthusiasm since Taffy still regards me as hers! In March of 2003, my husband and I returned to Canada.)

June 2006
It was with sadness that Virginia learned about the death of another of our equine friends, 24 year old Flasher. He woke up with colic for the second time this year and when our local vet could not help him, he was trailered to the Equine Specialty Hospital for further examination. Further diagnosis showed the probability of tumors around his intestines, so after much hard deliberation Tracey decided not to put him through any more pain and had Flasher euthanized. It was a hard decision for her, but a courageous one - she had owned Flasher nearly all of his 24 years.
I include this note here, because Tracey welcomed me when I arrived at Greenmoor Commons the first time we moved to Pennsylvania, and she and Flasher were the first to show us the trails in the area. When we moved back to Pennsylvania the second time, we were both at Kristin's Coventry Equestrian Center. Flasher and I took Tracy and Virginia on many an enjoyable trail ride together. Flasher will be missed by everyone who knew him.


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