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Virginia and me shortly after we became partners, in the backyard of the Rockin' "D", about 1996.


Taffy and Bruce

This is rather blurry. It was taken at my second driving lesson in 1999. The person in the buggy is my farrier and our trainer, Bruce Novak. We have learned a lot in our lessons with him.


Here, we are in a hunter class in April, 1999, at one of the series of shows held by our club, the East Valley Arabian Horse Association. You can tell how warm it is, if riders are allowed to show without their jackets! There really were some other horses in the class! We also showed in the Arabian Sport Horse Division at the Saguaro Classic '99 in Scottsdale, AZ that December, and we rode a dressage test there, too. I have to admit I was rather naughty and didn't do as well in the test as I might have done. I've promised to behave myself at our next dressage show.

Mary and Kandi shortly after Kandi came home.

Mary and Kandi

Even the equine kids come home! Kandi was returned to the Rockin' "D" when her owner chose to follow other interests after her other horse had to be euthanized for cancer. It took me a few days to decide that Kandi was welcome after all!


This was taken when I was 2 years old, shortly after I arrived at the Rockin' "D". Mary and Barb found me at an auction held during the Scottsdale Horse Show, but they brought me home before I went to auction... and I am so happy they made that decision!


Here I am as an elegant young lady, if I do say so 7 years!


Hy Komotion (Kalamity) 3/29/88 ~ 6/14/03
Ta-da!! Introducing my best buddy, Hy Komotion, better known as Kalamity. We became best friends when I came to live at the Rockin' "D" when I was two years old. She was always getting into trouble, as you can guess by her nickname. Mary, of Rockin' "D" Ranch, bred and raised her.


The grey is King Kaladdinn, Kalamity's youngest; this was taken when he was about 9 months old. He was rather a brat, but then most little boys are, but he is improving as he matures. His tubby friend is a "mini", named Rowdy. They played together until they played too roughly and Mary thought they would hurt each other. Now Rowdy has moved and is living with his family.


Here is Kaladdinn all grown up.
Sarah rides him in Western classes, and sometimes in Hunter classes, too.


Sometimes Mary S. rides him in Hunter classes. Mary, Sari's owner, has given Kaladdinn a lot of dressage training, too.

"I want that grass!"





This was taken in July, 2004 when Virginia was visiting Mary. Virginia says she and Mary missed the better picture... I had been on my knees with my nose out under the fence trying to eat the grass. I discovered it was too difficult eating grass with the side of my mouth, so I decided to get back up. That is when Mary snapped this picture!

Spring 2005
Boys will be boys... finally Kaladdinn has a friend his own size to play with. Here are Sari and Kal playfighting on a cool spring day, and then looking like angels... as if they hadn't been doing anything at all!

Sari & Kaladdinn - such fierce warriors!

... or they two angels in disguise?

Spring 2008

What a beautiful day!

This is Meagan and Kaladdinn and Marsha and Kandi (in the rear) at a competitive trail riding clinic this past winter. I sure wish Virginia and I could have gone with them because they all enjoyed themselves. It was a first experience for Kandi to be ridden in the hills as she is usually ridden around home where it is very flat, but it was a new locale for Kaladdinn. Kal has never done a competitive trail ride, but he and Meagan spend lots of time in the mountains!