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Sire:  Odyssey SC
Dam: Kalila VF
        (by Psymadre)

In June, 2009, Virginia became owner of an Arabian yearling gelding by the name of Tristan Z. He had been owned by another family who decided that horse owning was not right for them - at least right now.
At the moment, he is living here at the Rockin' "D" Ranch, but in August he will be travelling to Alberta. I've been told Alberta is a long way from here, about as far as Pennsylvania, only north.
I will be able to tell him about snow, but he won't really understand until he experiences it. I know this for a fact! (See my Pennsylvania page)


Here are some pictures of him. Virginia says he will soon have his own website.


Young boys often get into mischief when they are bored... Tristan is no exception. It's lucky the tackroom isn't open, or he would be helping himself to our suppers!


Here, Tristan is having some free time in the round pen.. it feels good to be able to move out a little!

Alberta, Canada - Dec 31, 2009
Courier Equine Park
Ardrossan, Alberta

Tristan and Flicker

Tristan is in the background, wearing a blanket. (As Taffy mentioned on her page, Tristan has discovered snow!)
For those of you viewing this from the south, Tristan is toasty warm with his blanket. Flicker has a thick coat so he doesn't need a blanket, even on the colder days!
They are stabled at night, and have hay in the field by day, and hay cubes in the barn at night.

September 2010
Tristan has grown somewhat in the last year! These photos were taken Labour Day weekend, bright and early on the way to his pasture!



April 2011
I moved Tristan to Lac La Biche, where he lives about 12 miles from town. It's so nice to have him so close!


Living outdoors all the time was quite a change for him, but he accepted it. He was kept up by the barn at first, until he had met the other horses. He was not turned out with the herd until he had met them all and we knew he would be okay with them. He was low man on the totem pole for awhile, but now (3 years later) with a change in the herd dynamics (some were sold, other youngsters were brought in), he's higher up. He acts like a "big brother" to the young horses coming in.


This was one of the first days that I went out to visit and get to know Tristan. The lady in the photo also boards her horse here.


A Proud Day - one I had been looking forward to for a long time!
This was our first ride outdoors.
I had only ridden Tristan a couple of times in the arena at Courier Park, so this was very exciting.

August, 2013


About this time, I started learning the Parelli method, and in August I decided we were ready to try for our Level 1 Online certificate. Tristan is helping me set up the camera. I had taken him to a Steve Rother Natural Horsemanship clinic when he was just 2 years old, and it turned our lives around. I learned how to play with him, and we learned respect for each other at this clinic. Using the Parelli methods after Steve's clinic, I learned how Tristan thinks, and it made such a big difference it was amazing!



We are doing a run-through before videotaping, to get us both thinking.

When the results came back, we had earned our Level 1 with some scores in Level 2!

February 2014

Tristan, February 2014

Tristan lives outdoors, 24/7 all year long. This winter was the first one that he wintered outdoors without wearing a blanket, and he actually gained weight! I had to let his girth out 3 inches when I tacked him up. He's a happy boy!


When we went for a ride on this day, for a change we rode  along a road we don't often use, and both Tristan and his riding buddy were "sightseeing" as much as we were!


It will be so nice when we don't have to bundle up to ride! This was one of the rare mild days in February that was so nice we just could not ride! It was icy in places, but the horses know how to manage it since they live outdoors.

October, 2016

After my accident with Tristan in 2015, I decided not to ride anymore. A friend took him for the year, then I gave him to a young family in Manitoba. Here is a photo of him with his two little girls. Have you ever seen such huge smiles?