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Welcome to winter fellow horse people! We hope your winter is fun, exhilarating and not too cold with sunny skies and good riding! Spring will be here soon, so keep smiling!




A lady doesn't usually tell her age, but I will anyway! I am 32 years old this year, and I feel just as young as I ever did!

I still love to play and buck when I am turned loose. Have a look at our rides along the canal into the Riparian Preserve, and in the mountains, further down on my "Life in Arizona" page! The newer pictures are at the bottom of the page.
When Virginia visits, no one else is allowed to take me out.... that's my rule! Okay, if she asks me, then I'll let someone else go for a ride!



Hey, everyone! Look at this!
Virginia had my portrait painted by Jacqueline Verge, Wildlife and Nature Artist, from Nova Scotia, Canada.
She must really miss me to have this beautiful painting done.
To see more work by Jackie, go to her website,

Hi! I am ZA Star Zapphire, but my friends call me Taffy.

Welcome to my website!

I am a 14.2 hh liver chestnut arabian mare. My sire is TS Star Fire, by *Bask, out of Fire Dawn;  my dam is Zamanda by Ansata Shah Zam out of Yafi Asam. Somehow, although most of my close up ancestors are grey (except for *Bask who everyone knows was bay) I turned out liver chestnut.

My former owners saw me at a sale when I was two years old. I could hardly see over the door of my stall, but I nickered to them and, so they tell everyone, they just had to take me home. I have been at Rockin' "D" Ranch in Gilbert AZ ever since then - up until November 2000 when my new owner/friend, Virginia, moved to the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania with her husband and took me with them!

We returned to Arizona in May - just in time for the heat and monsoons! It was good to see my old friends again though. One day we went swimming. See my Arizona page for more about my life in  Arizona!
One day late in August 2001, I was very surprised to find Mary putting my travelling halter on me, and to see a huge trailer pull up. Oh, no!! Another long trailer ride! No wonder Virginia hasn't been around - we're going back to Pennsylvania! Check out my Pennsylvania page, too!

My, will this travelling ever stop? Here we go again, back to Arizona so I've been told. It is January, 2002, and wet, slippery and snowy here in Washington, PA. It will be good to go back to sunny (well most of the time anyway), Arizona! Check out my Arizona page for more of this update!

Taffy at 2 yrs, just after arriving at the Rockin' "D"

Here, I am waiting for the results of one of my Training Level dressage tests in October 1999.



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